The battlefield of the mind

The battlefield of the mind

Before leaping into entrepreneurship one of the important steps I embarked on was preparing my mind for the journey ahead. Not only did I ensure my circle I surrounded myself with was like minded and positive driven individuals. I also attended several network and business seminars and my favorite seminar was Mind Power Session, presented by International Speaker Robin Banks.

Little did I know at the time; just how important those steps would become further down the line.

Thinking about it now, how would I have known this?

No school, varsity or work experience truly prepares you for the journey of entrepreneurship and few entrepreneurs are “real” enough to mention it when providing advice through various platforms convincing you how “awesome” entrepreneurship is and that you should just jump and go for it.

In the last 6 months, I’ve learnt just like one prepares their body for transformation to reach certain health goals, a similar approach needs to be applied, to prepare you for the transformation from being an employee to self-employed. By having a daily commitment to condition your mind, you put yourself in a better position for when things don’t go according to plan. The stress of the change in lifestyle and financial sacrifice one needs to make to get the business up and running, the discipline it requires to not report to anyone and still get up every day and put in the work without seeing much return and to stay true and committed to your vision and reason for starting up.

So, let’s all prioritise the most important asset in our business, YOU. Let’s be mindful of how powerful the mind is, tear down the layers, identify the status of our mind and find our own healthy way to flip the switch so we can remain positive, focused, driven and be in the right position for the next level of success, we all strive to achieve.

Happy Mind Power May!

By Karen Heeger

PS: My First Blog!!!

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